Choose The Right Rug For Your Home

Chris Horton
December 30, 2021 0 Comment

‘Buy the largest size and highest quality rug you can afford and look about,’ advise the specialists at Modern Rugs. ‘Investing in a high-quality rug ensures that it will withstand wear and tear over time.’

A rug is a simple method to renew your floors and furnishings while also completely changing the look of a room. You can choose from,, a simple grey rug, a vivid floral design, or even a hairy rug. However, there are other options to consider when purchasing a rug, depending on the room, size, and overall concept you want to achieve.

Modern Rugs offers some helpful hints…

1. The space

Different rugs are appropriate for different areas. Because hallways and kitchens have far more foot traffic than a bedroom or living room, it is ideal to choose a rug that is both durable and easy to clean. A rug in a slightly deeper tone or with a pattern is a smart choice because it is less likely to reveal footprints between cleanings.

2. Dimensions

Don’t guess; measure, measure, and measure some more. Measure your room and then decide on the measurements that will work best for you. When it comes to picking the right size rug for your room, there are a few guidelines to follow:

• Avoid the “floating rug” effect, which involves placing a small rug in the centre of the room with no furniture touching it. A useful goal for your rug, aside from adding color or pattern, is to create an area that connects all of your furniture, which means you should choose a larger size so that it touches or goes beneath furniture.

• If you’re unsure what size will look best in your area, try piecing together paper/newspaper and covering the floor space you think your rug will cover to get a sense of size and if you’ll need to go bigger or smaller. Remember that the larger the rug is, the more dominant the color/pattern in the space will be.

3. Form

You are not restricted to a rectangle rug. A different shaped rug may be more appropriate for your room; for example, if you have a circular dining table, a larger circle rug to sit beneath the table and chairs may be more appropriate.

4. Color, pattern, and style

Consider how you intend to utilize your rug and its surroundings – do you want it to stand out? A rug is a great way to bring some color into a room. A patterned rug may give a room charm without being overpowering.


Different materials are ideal for different areas of the home, and factors such as how much time you have for maintenance and if you have children or pets should all be taken into account.


Acrylic is a durable and easy-to-clean material that may be tufted and woven to look like wool. It’s usually a less expensive option to wool, with the added benefit of reduced shedding (fluff) and easier upkeep.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic.

A synthetic fiber that is long-lasting, easy to care for, and suitable for high-traffic areas. Flat weave or shaggy designs are possible, and developed fibres may now be manufactured to feel extremely soft.

Viscose is a type of textile.

A less durable fibre that adds a luxe/sheen finish to the rug’s overall appearance. For a high-quality finish, it’s usually combined with wool, but it’s not advised for high-traffic areas because it’s more fragile.

Cotton is a natural fiber.

It is less durable than other flat weave fibres such as sisal, jute, or polypropylene, but it makes up for it in softness. It is usually created in a flat weave design.


Wool is an extremely durable natural fibre that is also easy to clean and heat resistant, making it the most popular rug fiber for use around fireplaces. Look for wool that has been grown at a high altitude, as this will make the fibers even more robust.

100% jute

Jute, a natural fiber, is exceptionally resilient and well-suited to high-traffic locations. It has sisal-like qualities and comes in a range of weave patterns.

Sisal rugs

It’s extremely durable (much more so than jute) and ideal for high-traffic areas that require a strong fiber. Sisal has a coarser texture underfoot than other flat weave fibers like jute, polypropylene, and cotton. Although the fiber is durable, it should not be wet during cleaning because it might discolor and extend the fibers; special dry cleaning kits for sisal rugs and carpets can be purchased.