Home Mold Removal Options In One Guide

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Experts in health and medical care have found that household mold can cause serious health problems. It’s time for you to take action if mold is found in your home. Rainbow International offers mold and mildew restoration services.

What are Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, and Mold Abatement?

Mold remediation, or removal, is the process of cleaning and sanitizing a room to kill mold, prevent it from spreading, and stop its return. Mold remediation may include the removal or rebuilding of mold-resistant materials, such as flooring or drywall.

Mold remediation is an important step to ensure your home is safe following a flood or water event.

Why Are Mold and Mildew Restoration Services Important?

Mold in a home can be a problem for many reasons. The most important reason is:

  • Individuals who live in moldy homes may experience health problems or even death.
  • Visible mold growth can indicate a bigger problem in your plumbing or structure.
  • Mold removal is good for your health and preserves your property’s structural integrity. It also removes the moldy, musty smell. Our mold and mildew restoration services don’t go to the surface. We work to repair any damage and prevent future outbreaks.

Common Mold and Mold-Causing Scenarios

Rainbow International has seen all kinds of mold problems and can solve them all.

These are the top mold causes in homes and businesses.

  • Slow leaks in pipes or appliances (dishwasher or toilet, garbage disposal, etc.) that aren’t visible or noticed.
  • Basements and rooms that are dark or unheard of (crawl space, attics) in which humidity is too high.
  • Flooding events in which remediation is not initiated within 48-72 hours
  • Water seeping into the building frame through cracks in exterior walls
  • Exterior siding and roof leaks
  • Mold Exposure and the Health Risks

There are approximately 50-100 types of indoor mold that can cause health problems. Mold exposure can pose serious health risks. It is important to get mold remediation done as soon as possible. Although the severity of the reaction will depend on the mold and the health history, both the EPA and CDC agree that all molds can cause serious health problems.

  • Headaches
  • Breathing problems
  • Cold symptoms or persistent cough
  • Eye, nose, throat, or lungs irritations
  • Asthma attacks
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • Skin irritation
  • Allergy reactions
  • Opportunistic infections in immuno-compromised people

What to do if you suspect mold growth in your home

You might be wondering what you should do if you have just found mold in your house or business, or have experienced water damage. After a flood or other destructive water event, mold can only grow for two to three days. These tips can help you avoid mold problems. You should arrange for the water to be removed and the surfaces dried within 48 hours.

Rainbow International is a certified and licensed mold removal company that can inspect your home immediately if you suspect or have just found the mold.

Mold can be caused by slow-leak plumbing problems, a too-humid indoor environment, or floods that were not professionally remedied.

Here are the steps to follow as soon as mold is detected

  • Mold can be killed by bleach, water, or other household disinfectants. Keep your children, family members, and employees away from the affected areas. The spores could be spread if you try to dry them with a fan.
  • Keep the door shut if the mold is in a closed room.
  • Rainbow International is a local professional mold removal company.
  • It is possible to notify your insurance company. Many homeowners insurance policies cover mold removal. Most policies require that you report the issue as soon as possible.

How to Repair Mold Damage: Mold Inspection Service and Mold Removal Process

Mold remediation involves locating and removing the mold. If moisture has caused structural damage or the material is not fully dry, it will be necessary to remove moldy areas and reconstruct them.

A thorough mold inspection by a mold specialist is the first step in any mold removal process. There are many options for actual mold remediation or cleanup. Rainbow International’s mold and remediation specialists will help you decide the best way to clean up your space. This depends on factors such as:

  • The cause of the mold
  • The mold’s scope
  • The condition of the affected surface – cement, wood, cinderblock, cement, etc.

Rainbow’s mold remediation experts include:

  • Mold inspection. Rainbow International contractors will inspect your home and determine the source of the mold. The contractor will then create a mold remediation program.
  • Mold contamination. To avoid contamination of your home, the source of the moisture problem must be addressed.
  • Air Filtration. HEPA filters will be used for cleaning the air of mold spores. To reduce exposure to airborne contaminants, the Rainbow International specialist will wear masks and goggles.
  • Mold Removal. Mold can affect personal items and building materials. Mold is a living organism that can infiltrate materials to survive. It is best to get rid of any porous material. It is best to get rid of the affected material. This will ensure that mold doesn’t come back. To make the treated areas more resistant to mold removal and water, antimicrobial cleaners can be used. It is possible that your heating or air conditioning system needs to be professionally cleaned.
  • Structural drying. It is important that all cleaned and repaired items are completely dry. Excessive moisture is what caused the problem. Your Rainbow International mold remediation specialist may also discuss moisture management strategies to prevent future problems.
  • Repairs to your home or business. After all mold-contaminated materials have been removed, the reconstruction process can begin. What was previously contaminated will be replaced with clean, mold-free material.

Related Mold Cleanup Services

It is not common for mold remediation and mold cleanup to be performed as a separate service. Rainbow International offers a complete range of services to assist you in every stage of the process. These services include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Reconstruction of a Home or Business
  • Contents Packing-Out Service
  • Find Mold Removal Companies Near Me

Rainbow International will take care of your home. Our mold removal professionals are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the most stringent industry standard. We have local technicians that operate across the US and Canada.