Review Of The Grad Theft Auto V: Great And Awful Things About It

Chris Horton
September 23, 2021 0 Comment

You have many reasons to play Grand Theft Auto V. You’ll find plenty of entertainment and vehicles to steal in this huge city. The core gameplay feels more refined than any other game in the series, including the driving and gunplay. The story is perhaps the best thing about the game.

GTAV is the series’ first title to feature multiple protagonists. The trio of anti-heroes transforms a boring crime story into an engaging, long-lasting narrative. GTA V is a blockbuster video game that aims to be interactive cinema. However, Rockstar’s new direction shows how it has moved beyond the previous obsession with film and created a story that works because it’s a videogame.

Trevor is basically GTA V’s id

Grand Theft Auto V is a series of interconnected movies that follow the lives of three criminals. Michael is a former bank robber who has a large house and a ungrateful family. He must retire to maintain his wealth. Franklin, a young gangbanger who is on the rise, has big dreams and starts with leaving his aunt’s home. Trevor is V’s identity. He’s a sociopathic meth dealer, former partner of Michael, and kills on the first provocation. He also holds grudges for a long time.

They are three very different people, with very different goals. Michael wants to be with his family and Franklin wants to make money to earn respect. Trevor wants to see the world go to pieces. All three characters, despite being terrible people, are likable thanks to Rockstar’s writing skills. Trevor is a violent, murderous racist, but he’s also one of the most sympathetic characters. When he grieves the loss, it almost makes it forget all the people you’ve killed while trying to control him.

As the circumstances dictate, the stories of these three characters will intertwine. The key feature of the game is the ability to switch between them at any time by pressing a button. This allows you to see the game from a completely new perspective. As some missions are character-specific you will spend a lot of time with each criminal before switching off. However, if you don’t know what to do next, it’s possible to take control of another character. Because each character is already involved in an activity when you switch, the switching mechanic helps to make them feel real. Michael will be arguing with his wife, Franklin walking his dog, and Trevor getting drunk in strange places with alarming frequency. Although these moments are minor and can be overlooked if you stick with one character, they contribute a lot to world-building. These moments ensure that every playthrough will be different.

Grand Theft Auto V is a hilarious video game that’s also a sharp-tongued and intelligent satire on contemporary America. It is a refinement and expansion of all that GTAIV brought to this table five years ago. It is technically more advanced in all possible ways, but it is also extremely ambitious in its own right. It is the largest world in videogames, in terms of size and scope. There is also a sharp intelligence behind its sense for humor and gift for mayhem. It tells an engaging, unpredictable, and provocative tale without ever letting that get in the way. It is one the most outstanding video games ever made.”

“Set mostly in Los Santos (a glitzy, superficial city), GTAV tells the story of criminal maniacs who self-destruct on a blood-splattered path to hell. GTAV’s vision is the genius of it. Amazing visuals – they are just amazing. This is pushing the limits of the ageing hardware. We see the dense downtown, with its high-rise skyscrapers, and back alleys that are littered with garbage. Out in the country we find rolling grasslands and desert stretches as well as coyotes and the overhead shadows of eagles. You are pulled in by the world. It invites you to explore, and then rewards you. Every inch of the landscape is thoughtfully designed with the curious gamer at heart.”

“Everything works. It works well. It is a stunning achievement. A remarkable marriage of world design and storytelling, it makes these old consoles seem easy. GTAV is sending a powerful message to the industry as we stand at the edge of a new generation. That’s a good thing.

“The scale is staggering. It is also extremely detailed. The poorest areas of the city are characterized by gangs that loiter on streets corners, crack roads, foreclosure notices and police searchlights that cut through the night sky. Vinewood is a place where sports cars sparkle in the sun, tourists take pictures with their phones and starlets brag about auditions for movies. Wandering through the countryside will reveal backpackers, cyclists and people with their dogs. Extras dressed in rubber alien costumes smoke breaks in studio lots while bikers cruise along the desert highways. It’s a beautiful world, with funny scripts and great music. But most importantly, it’s really, really enjoyable.

GTAV will allow you to switch between them, allowing you to see San Andreas through three very different eyes. Each of these personalities brings their own unique psychosis to the game. They are all beautifully written and complement each other very well. GTAV doesn’t force one character to climb up the criminal underworld ladder, but instead gives them their own motivations and missions. You’ll fall in love with each of them as you swap between them.

“The driving experience is much more fun and looser than in GTAIV. The lock-on targeting system and cover system ensure that you are never in conflict with the controls during combat. The game looks fantastic on modern consoles with a good draw distance and a fast frame rate. The characters’ emotions are well expressed in cutscenes which makes the story feel richer. Los Angeles is evoked in the city’s architecture, which includes studio lots, TCL Chinese Theatre, Santa Monica Pier, and many other GTA-related equivalents. Even little touches such as lighting when the sun rises or sets can make a big difference. All of this is complemented by the game’s soundtrack. The on-foot and on–mission soundtrack delivers intense backing tracks that intensify the heists, whether you’re trying to open fire on obstacles or watching Michael convince a guard that it’s actually him that’s supposed to be there. All of this brings you an amazing recreation of LA’s sunny, sleazy West Coast vibe.

Grand Theft Auto V is the pinnacle in open-world game design and an incredible feat of technical engineering. It challenges the blockbuster industry to match its scope, and even though new consoles are on the horizon it could be some time before they do.

“…Rockstar Games produced the most engaging, well-constructed, character-driven and fictionally coherent entry in this 16 year-old series. The game takes place in a parodic, expansive view of Southern California. This is a West Coast counterpoint for Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)’s New York City. Los Santos, the game’s Los Angeles, and its environs exist in an alternate reality. However, it also evokes and satirizes modern anxieties. Video games tell their players lies: you’re powerful and smart, you have important responsibilities, and your problems can be solved by just trying. Grand Theft Auto V is one the most seductive and beautiful lies ever told by our youngest creative medium.