INFINITYKINGDOM is an android game with a release date on 01/27/2021 by the company YOUZU(SINGAPORE), PTE.LTD.. Game genres: Strategy. We have compiled tips and tricks for leveling from top players, developers, and guides for beginners. Attention! The Wise Geek website keeps being updated. Please visit us often.

Infinity Kingdom Gift Code

How do I enter my gift code? You will need to first enter the game, then go to the “Profile”, which is located in the upper right corner. Next, you will need to go into the “Game settings” section and choose the “Use set” option. A new window will then open, with an active line where you can enter the gift code.

Infinity Kingdom: A Beginner’s Guide

The project was only over a month old at the time this article was written. YOUZU, a Singapore-based company, is developing the game. The interface of the game is cartoony and all characters and environments are well drawn.

Battle. I want to bring your attention to the combat system. It will be a new experience for fans of these games. It is important to note that you can’t interact with your troops if they are sent to a different point on the World Map. The exception to this is the collection and sharing of resources. This means that if you attack another player or dwarf, you can speed up your movement or return your army home. This can be done using special items or gems. This is true whether the troops are returned from battle or during battle. You can’t leave your troops anywhere on the map, unlike other projects.

The Arena and adventures battles are a head-on collision type. You will only be able to attack or retreat when the warriors are fighting face-to-face. The Well of Time allows you to fight your opponent in a horizontal plane using all traced skills. The skill buttons can be pressed at any time. You can also put “accelerationx2” and “autoboy”, and you can just enjoy the fight. Your fighters will take care of the rest.

Detachments beginnner guide. To build, open the “Troops tab” (on the bottom control panel). You will see four squares and one circle. In order to form an army, you will need to create a front line with defenders and soldiers, as well as a backline of shooters, mages, and support. A mage cannot be placed in the first row.

When your chosen immortals lead the troops, troop types will automatically appear. To place a dragon within the circle, you must use an egg with a particular element to get it.

Elemental system. This mechanic is an essential part of every army. Passive bonuses will be given to your entire army if you have a certain number commanders from the same element.

  • 3 units each of one element + 20% for physical and magical protection for immortals
  • 4 Squads of One Element + 20% Magic and Physical Attack of Immortals
  • 5 units for one element + 10% for health points

Each element has its own advantage. Water, Fire and Wind are the dominant elements. Except for Light, the element of Darkness is dominant over all other elements. Light is stronger than Darkness and no one can take over it. However, Light cannot control the other elements.

Advantage between troops. Similar advantages have been created for the arms of troops. The cavalry is more destructive than the shield-bearers, who are the spearmen’s main competitors. The spearmen are more powerful than the cavalry. The archers are an isolated group. They have no power over anyone, but they cannot get a strength bonus over any other troops.

You cannot select a unit type for yourself at the beginning of the game. Instead, you will be given commanders randomly. This is what determines who you play at the moment. You can build a team in the future, but it is difficult to do so at the beginning stages.

The first steps are crucial in order to win the game

Account linking. Let me tell you about the first login and linking your game account. Many people play emulators on their computers (we recommend BlueStacks, the link to download is at the end of this article), which simulates the Android operating system within your computer. We had a problem at the beginning. We installed the game on the emulator, created an Account, played it, and then tied it to Google. We failed to get into the game when we tried to access it from our iPhones.

You can’t select Google Account when you sign up for an iPhone. You won’t be able select your account if it is linked to Apple ID.

The selection of the starting faction. There are currently 3 factions available:

  • Sofia.
  • Arslan.
  • Vitas

It doesn’t really matter what they give in terms of the bonuses. The weather will not be affected by the 5% increase in troops. When creating a new account, the most important thing is to select the faction suggested by the game. She does this for all players.

Logging in will allow you to perform actions, join alliances, and help with construction. This will speed up your development. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your service’s development, as TOP players will interact with one another from the same faction. You have the option to make a change to your faction up to the 9th Castle level. However, it is important to choose who you will be playing with in the near future.

Comfortable game. You should focus on leveling one squad to make it the most enjoyable game. It is more efficient and productive to create a single, strong army than trying to pump many immortals at once. Your gameplay revolves around one of your squad members: you fight the dwarfs with that command, and you can use it to go through the Well of Time, take part in the Arena, and much more.

You cannot interact with multiple units that have one target in the game. You cannot defeat 1 player with 2 teams. Why do you need another team?

It makes sense to keep the second squad in order to gather resources on the map. However, you don’t need to increase their quotes. You can give them just a few levels to transfer lots of materials.

Building. Infinity Kingdom is a game where your primary goal is to build a castle. You must first improve and construct the buildings necessary for the construction of your Castle at the next level.

Lock Function:

This increases the number of troops your commanders can take to battle.

This opens up new opportunities for building new buildings. This exception could be the Tower of Knowledge. Here, you will need to have passive skills in order to become a champion.
Every 10th level in a barracks will bring you a higher rank in your army. Pump residential buildings starting at level 9. They will provide your city with gold taxes.

Leveling commanders. Don’t be afraid of downloading immortals! Many players were shocked by the sheer number of immortals available from the first second. We began looking for information on who was better to pump. It is not necessary to download everyone. Even if you are able to strengthen someone, you can find a great Alchemist who can disassemble your commander for all the resources you have invested in them. This includes soul crystals, gold and experience, as well as all other resources.

At a rate of 1-1, you can convert the soul crystals from a certain immortal into purple spirit crystals. Let’s clarify this. You will get them back if you bought a hero to receive soul crystals. Purple soul crystals will still be available if you purchase soul crystals from an immortal to gems. This is crucial because crystals and gems often overlap on the market. You can also spend soul crystals at the Tower of Knowledge and gems elsewhere.

The Alchemist will return soul crystals to the merchant if the merchant has a legendary hero. You can also return the crystals by analysing commanders who have been pumped or spraying crystals that belong to an unnamed hero. You can summon the immortal warrior by buying crystals of his soul. This is also important to remember.

Union. As there are active players on the server who can help you grow, it is important to always aim for the best alliance. The union can also own territory that will bring in passive resources. If you’re in an inactive alliance and are located on the edges of the map, who will need you?

You will find companions if you join an active alliance, preferably one from the TOP-10. As you grow, you will be granted a territory. You will also receive a bonus if you have all the required military and farming technology.

Your allies can speed up your knowledge building and pumping. This means that you can spend less time on low levels of acceleration.

Union benefits:

  • Reduces waiting time and provides benefits.
  • Guild bonuses are items, gems and other rewards that players receive.
  • The guild shop sells unique items.
  • The player can earn rewards for completing guild quests.
  • You can work together on tests and research with a close-knit group.

Resources. Resources. You don’t have to keep your inventory full. It doesn’t slow you down. While you’re sleeping, random scouting can be done by neighbors who will tell you, for example, that you don’t have the strongest garrison or mountains of resources that aren’t protected by a warehouse. What will he do then? It will use an attack to borrow some resources from you.

Infinity Kingdom: The Best Immortals (Tier Listing)

The game among immortals has its own hierarchy that divides them into different types.

  • Regular.
  • Unusual
  • Very rare.
  • Epic.
  • Legendary.

Baseline performance can be very different from one type to the next. It is important to distinguish between legendary and ordinary heroes. Ordinary heroes must be pumped for an extended period of time to achieve the same characteristics as legendary characters. If we consider epic and legendary commanders, there will not be much difference in the basic parameters. This is where immortals should be chosen based on the primary skill that was discovered first.

We decided to not only list the top champions but to also unite them into elemental team based on the above. We will also discuss the main features of each immortal individually. You can combine characters to create a single squad. It is better to have 3 heroes (or 2 + Dragon) than one element.

The fire

Advanced team – This group specializes in explosive damage and can quickly eliminate the back row enemy. Then, they repel attacks 1rad until victory.

  • Ippolita – Deals physical damage and has an increased attack speed.
  • William II (legendary). – Inflicts physical damage on enemies who are in front of him. This ability increases the critical strike probability of the whole army.
  • Ashoka – Inflicts massive physical damage on the opponent’s back row. The basic skill can do twice the damage.
  • Wu Zetian (legendary), deals magic damage to an enemy unit. You have the chance to inflict additional harm on an opponent’s unit.

Basic team These warriors are easy to put together and perform well in the Arena. Keep Ashoka safe and slow down your opponents.

  • Sanada Yukimura – Inflicts physical damage on the enemies. It is possible to disarm your opponents and reduce the damage they do.
  • Spartacus – Increases attack speed and restores health points for each normal attack.
  • Solomon (epic), deals magic damage to 2 random enemy units. They become weaker (target takes more damage).


Advanced team This unit can simultaneously drain all enemy energy units. Attila will silence all opponents and inflict great damage.

  • Attila – This skill knocks back enemies within a conical area and deals massive physical damage. It is possible to cause silence. Enemies can’t receive energy or use the skill for more than 4 seconds.
  • Ramses II – Deals physical damage to enemies and disarms them (reduces damage).
  • Merlin (legendary). – Deals magic damage all enemies. The damage to the target will be increased if it is frozen.
  • Yoshitsune (legendary), deals severe physical damage to random enemy squads. The damage is increased 50% if the target has less health than 50%.

The Basic Command is easy to use. Merlin and Elena work together. This squad is known for its high-mass damage and freezing effects. However, her back row is very fragile and can be easily destroyed by physical attacks from the enemy’s back rows.

  • Harald III – inflicts physical damage on an enemy unit and reduces its defense. It is possible to strangle your opponents.
  • Brunhilda – inflicts physical damage on enemies of the chosen row. You have the chance to stun your enemies (enemies don’t move for five seconds).


Elena the Beautiful (epic – summons an Ice Storm, dealing magic damage at 3 random enemy units within a radius of 3 seconds. The enemy’s attack speed will be reduced by a certain amount and there is the possibility to freeze the target.


Advanced team has high physical damage and control. Magicians curse heroes. Genghis Khan excels at fighting heroes, healing them and preventing enemy damage.

  • Peter The Great (legendary). – Neutralizes all enemies and dispels all their efforts. This causes great bodily damage.
  • El Cid – Lowers the physical damage to first row allies. A normal attack against the units can cause physical damage to the enemy.
  • Genghis Khan – Inflicts physical damage on all enemies and causes injury (units can’t heal for 10 seconds).
  • Lee Songge – Inflicts a 10 second transfer effect on two random enemy squads. (Transfers a percentage of physical and magical attack, physical and magical defense of army, and deals with physical damage).

Basic team is suitable for offense and defense. It works well in PvP as well as PvE.

  • William Wallace – Inflicts physical damage on enemies who are in front of him. It is possible to cause silence. Enemies can’t receive energy or use the skill for more than 4 seconds.
  • Bedivere – Inflicts physical damage. The damage to the target who is under the influence silence or restraint is increased by 100%.
  • Lee Songge
  • Constance – This has negative effects on the whole army and increases the critical strike chances of two random allies troops by 6 seconds.


Advanced team has good area damage, particularly Qin Shi Huang who will injure enemy and prevent them being healed.

  • Saladin (legendary), – inflicts great physical damage on all units.
  • Hannibal Burke – Increases damage and applies cleavage. Each normal attack inflicts more damage to enemy units closest to target. Lasts 8 seconds.
  • Baldwin IV – summons a storm that deals magic damage to an enemy army. It is possible that the hurricane may split in two parts upon hitting the target.
  • Qin Shi Huangdi – Inflicts injury to all units of an opponent and doesn’t allow them heal. All allied units are able to increase their attack speed. All Immortals of Air get the Slash Effect.

Basic team This team is strong and can do great damage. Montezuma is a skilled healer and can keep a party afloat for long periods of time. Mulan can increase the troop’s evasion. All heroes work together.

  • King Arthur (legendary), – Reduces damage to the entire army. You have 6 seconds to reflect damage.
  • Mulan – Deals physical damage and increases all allied units evasion by six seconds. This effect cannot be combined with any other bonuses.
  • Robin Hood – Inflicts physical damage on one enemy squad and decreases its attack speed.
  • Montezuma – restores health points for the troops with the greatest losses. Health points are restored every 3 seconds to targets with less than 30% troops.


Advanced team has great survivability, good damage resistance and has regeneration and control.

  • Charlemagne (legendary), – provides protection for units that absorb damage.
  • Alexander The Great (legendary). – Passive: Increases army damage from regular attack (works throughout battle). You must activate this effect to increase damage and attack speed. It also gives immunity from any type of control.
  • Cleopatra – Deals magic damages to enemy units that have a fast attack speed. Six seconds reduces magic damage to random troops that have the highest magic attack.
  • Zenobia (legendary), – restores the health points of the two most severely injured troops. These troops can recover their health points in less than 6 seconds with a successful normal assault.

Basic – Has a high level of defense and control. They are an excellent choice for team heroes.

  • Guy Marius – Provides protection for troops in the first row and absorbs damage.
  • Leonidas – Deals physical damage to all enemy soldiers and reduces damage taken by all allied units by a percentage for 6 seconds.
  • Amanitore – Restores health points to two of the most severely injured troops every 3 seconds for 12 second.

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