Simple Guide For Players That Want To Play Rise Of Kingdoms

Chris Horton
July 31, 2020 0 Comment

I frequently hear that the term which Rise of Kingdoms (ROK) is really just a pay-to-win game also that Free to Play players don’t have any chance of being competitive. It will not depict the narrative, As the phrase holds some facts in regards to certain objectives. Simply speaking, a Free to Play can have a great time and be more competitive in this game.

In my estimation, this game provides ways of making this type of real possibility which other games don’t. With that said, I’ve created my personal liberated to Perform (F2P) guide; this guide works not just to help absolve to Perform players, but also to brand new and skilled players which are considering creating a brand new account.


Probably the most important tip I can provide people is always to make utilize of the method that is skipping when designing a brand new account. As jumping will ensure you start having a benefit this trick gets even more important when it involves being a user. To be specific, simply opening a merchant account at a previous domain (KD) you begin with increased speed ups, tools, tomes of comprehension (commander XP), along with technology/building upgrades. Because this guide is all about F2P users I am giving an instant summary of the method.

Preferably you should really be on the lookout to discover the starting commander since R OK Whenever selecting your culture, you shouldn’t be taking a look a specific culture gives provides a whole good deal of commander sculptures throughout events and quests. Hence, I imply that F2P users begin with: Rome for either Scipio or even Britain to get Boudica.

Within my estimation, both of these commanders will be the most effective starting epic commanders for F2P users since Scipio is good for mixed army compositions and also being a tank in the receptive area and Boudica is good for nuking and murdering barbarians. After choosing these cultures because of his or her commanders, you should try to improve your culture only since they supply fans that raise the strike of most troops, high-speed rate, along with resource range, once you hit CH10.

The best way to Devote Stone:

This section will concentrate on how best to use your jewels, with jewels being limited in regards to players! You need to concentrate on racing to VIP7 because it is going to provide you with fans in most component of the game, while still providing the builder to you and also the rate upwards for 60 percent off. You ought to make the most of these items at the VIP shop that amount 6 unlocks the AP speed ups and potions. Then you need to utilize jewels and tools to get items every time it appears. For the things to buy in the retailer shop concerning rate ups Away is always to search for whatever which may be traded for funds or items which tend to be over 60 percent away.

How to Use Speed-ups:

A vital facet of accelerating building and technology upgrades would be to leverage the cooperation help system from the game. You shouldn’t be using rates and soon you received the largest possible quantity of assistance from the alliance (you may check it by visiting the help tab under the alliance page). Yet another way is to use rates up which can be special for this type then utilize the Speed-ups that are overall. Besides these hints, you need to be updating a construction, researching technology when going to sleep, collecting resources, and educating troops.

Building/Technology Upgrades:

This section will probably be relevant if not using rate ups, although this section is going to soon be much like the former department. You need to only upgrade what exactly is necessary to find another CH, which means that you should dash your most important buildings just such as the tavern, walls, mine, and so forth when failing different buildings like resource production centers and also the castle, see tower, and etc..

For racing to the CH quickly as possible, the explanation would be always to secure more troops, tech unlocked! Along with high-grade troops, you ought to concentrate on updating technology which produces time that is building/technology return as it’ll probably pay off in the long term!

Methods for Commanders:

One reason after playing ROK for a few weeks, I left a fresh account is basically really because I destroyed epic commanders and my legendary. As a way to avoid these mistakes, ” I presumed it’d really be great to bring this section within this guide. Usually do not add celebrities into a commander before their very first skill is maxed, that really is crucial while the very initial skill for each and every single commander from the game (with the exception of gathers) is necessarily the ideal.

The trick that contrasts with users would be to give attention to one commander though they have been difficult to capture however a 5/1/1/inch commander is much far better than some other epic commander. Take observe you shouldn’t double upon commander talent trees, so having commander concentrate in things you’ll end up versatile and prepared for situations activates, and only the commander talents.

Gathering Recommendations:

A disadvantage to being a true player that is F2P is that tools will be scarce. To combat this matter, I would imply leveling your gathering up commanders after your commanders that are principal. The limit for collecting commanders will be 27, this can make certain you receive the ability that gives additional tools percent and also to finish the collecting shrub to you! Besides this, you should always exchange funds for resource fans at the retailer shop get the most out of all runes (located at sacred websites ) that accelerate up collecting.

Suggested Commanders to Work With:

As stated earlier, you need to concentrate on one commander that is mythical as sculptures are tough to get, exactly the exact same is true for commanders in certain capacity. This usually means you ought to limit the amount of all commanders that are Epic you intend on using. Here I’ve recorded 5 Epic commanders That You Ought to consider utilizing as well as :

· Scipio- excellent for arenas comprising numerous Kinds of troops and provides strong attack/defense fans (tanky), paired together with Joan of Boudica

· Boudica- excellent for PVE and PVP producing her flexible, paired using Pela to get Lohar or even PVP to get PVE

· Pela- cavalry commander Whilst supplying anger recovery, paired together with Boudica

· Lohar- fantastic for PVE and Simple to max up his abilities rallies, paired using Boudica to get PVE

· Joan- goes and gatherer with this commanders paired together with everyone in-game

[Extra] Simplest Method to Spend Less in ROK:

I guessed I’d add this section as I encounter F2P players who are looking to devote just a little money in Official Website with this game but have no idea exactly the best way to purchase. With that said, I’d purchase a few packages of King’s coordination and soon you have the recharge gift packages all. Along with those, ALWAYS purchase the Writers of Background package (available after unleashing a brand fresh mythical commander).

In summary, I had a blast writing this Free to Play (F2P) since I consulted with my collaboration associates on exactly what they think will be helpful for F2P players,” which enabled interesting perspectives with this particular specific guide. I only wished to close this out the guide with a single idea my fellow F2P alliance member raised, “the most significant resource to get a F2P player is a period, the longer you put from the more you may escape from it”.