The Best Way How You Can Improve LoL’s MMR

Chris Horton
July 27, 2021 0 Comment

What is LoL MMR and how can it be used?

League of Legends MMR system utilizes the ELO concept, originally designed for chess. The system is meant to determine the skill of players based on their wins and losses. It is now used in virtually all competitive ladders to match people of similar skill, online or offline. It was used in league of legends from the beginning of the game, and it is still being used today.

This basically means that the higher your division, the better your mmr lol, and the longer it takes to find equal opponents.

There are many ways to improve your MMR, including winning. But we’ll talk more about that later.

League of Legends MMR

LoL’s MMR system will place two teams with equal average elo ratings against each other. So, for example, if team 1 had one player of gold, one player of diamond, and three players who were platinum, team 2 would have five platinum players to even out the MMR and skill levels and ensure an equal match.

It works this way from the bottom to the top of the ladder. On the borders of the ladder in challenger and iron Divisions it may cause problems due to very few people being there. This could lead to long match search times and uneven games.

Team a – One challenger player, four Diamond 1 players
Team b – Full Grandmaster Team
League of Legends uses the MMR system since its inception. Your elo was visible until season three’s ranked season, when Riot added a few tiers and divisions to make it more appealing to new players.

LoL MMR in Normal games

League client and any other tool don’t show us the normal MMR of our games. It is therefore consideredHiddenIt is so well-known that many people doubt its existence. But it is! Even if your account doesn’t have any ranked game on it, but a challenger-level player wins 100 games per day, you will notice a huge increase in skill and their average ranked rank.

If you put in enough time, playing Normal games can be very worthwhile. It’s also a great way to practice against strong players, without worrying about losing your ranked division or elo. Blind pick and draft pick both have hidden MMR.


Teamfight Tactics MMR works in the same way as ranked lol MMR. It is visible by rank and division, first ten games placed, and the higher your MMR, the greater the number of games you play.

TFT can be argued to have a lower MMR than normal ranked games. You don’t need to win every single game to improve your MMR, but you do have to place well. The downside to TFT MMR boosting/increasement is that games take longer than traditional summoner’s 5v5 ranked, but on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your team getting it wrong!

MMR on Different Regions

MMR works in the exact same way for all LoL regions. North America, Europe West and Europe West all use the same MMR system. Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Russia North, Russia, Turkey, and Latin America North all use the same MMR system.

Is MMR transferable between regions?

Simply put, yes. If you’re transferring to a new region, your account will not have been there before.

Your MMR will be retained if your account was opened on EUW and transferred to EUNE.
If your account was originally created on EUW and you then transfer to EUNE, the account will regain the MMR it had before it was transferred to EUNE.
No matter where you are located, your MMR transfer will be made to your account. You don’t need to worry about losing your valuable ground elo. Your rank doesn’t change, so if your rank is challenger and you want to transfer to another server, you will need to start from placings (but with challenger MR). You will then skip the divisions and return to Challenger in approximately 50 games with a solid winratio.

What is high and low MMR?

Your MMR can be determined based on the amount of lp you earn or lose per match and your rank relative to other players in your ranked matches.

You can only gain if you win

You will not receive promotions or divisions if you win more than 40 LP.
You are still good if you win more than 25 LP, but your MMR is beginning to level out
20 lp per Win, Your MMR matches your rank, and there is nothing you can do, you are right where you are currently located
Your MMR is about 15-20 lp per victory. Once you win 10-20 consecutive games, your MMR will likely increase.
If your MMR drops below 15 lp per victory, you’re in trouble. It’s an indication that you’re on a losing streak and is difficult to overcome. The best way to do this is to duo with someone multiple divisions above you and go on a huge winning spree, .

What affects your MMR?

Playing a new account up to level 30 is the best way to get on the competitive ladder.

Placement Games

These are your first ranked games. They have the greatest impact on your MMR. Each match is less important than the others. The first 10 matches will determine your ranking. These are theMMR perspective: The most important games in your accountsYou want to win the most of them, so make sure you do.

You start gaining League Points (“LP”) per win while playing your placement games. However, you won’t lose any LP after a defeat. Your LP gains from placement games will be inflated to help you get to your starting division.

You lose LP per loss after you have completed the ten placement games. However, you gain a lot per win. Your LP gains start to fall when you lose more than wins. That Match Making Rank (MMR) is yours. This is how the game calculates your MMR.

MMR is not affected by champion select.

Avoiding a match doesn’t impact your MMR. Dodging when there is a troll on your team or you are being counter-picked and the game becomes more difficult is a recommended strategy to increase your ranked win ratio.

Troll games are not worth your time. It is usually only 20 minutes of wasted effort and your elo also gets screwed.

Each game has an impact on MMR

  • Your MMR is affected by each game. League points are not fancy numbers.
  • Your MMR is worse if you lose a game with 0 lp but don’t demote.
  • Your MMR will improve if you win a game, even if you win only 12lp.
  • Your MMR will be higher if you play with a better player (higher division).
  • Your MMR will be lower if you play with a player who has a lower MMR (lower Division).

Is ranked MMR affecting normal games, TFT or flex games?

No, each game mode has its own MMR calculator. They are not linked with each other. This is why it seems easier to win normal games or flex against higher-ranked players. For example, if you are a Diamond member in ranked queue and play normal game you will be able to win a lot because you will play against other people with lower skill levels. Your normal MMR can also remain in bronze after you leveled up.

LoL MMR Chart

The elo system was split into five leagues up until Season Three. It was similar to this-

  • Bronze 0+ (18%)
  • Silver 1150+ (68%)
  • Gold 1500+ (13%)
  • Platinum 1850+ (1.5%)
  • Diamond 2220+ (0.1%)

It was harder to climb up back then, but your rank was more valuable than it is now.

Let’s see how it compares to the tiers of today!

  • Iron (2%)
  • Bronze (15%)
  • Silver (32%).
  • Gold (32%).
  • Platinum (15%)
  • Diamond (3.5%)
  • Master (0.05%)
  • Grandmaster (0,04%)
  • Challenger (0.02%).

Below is a distribution of the player base by rank. It is obvious that most players reside in silver, gold and platinum. The player base at the edges of the ranked ladder becomes very thin in iron and master, or higher.

LoL MMR Checker

Knowing your elo can help you determine how much lp per game you will earn and lose, and how fast you climb the divisions of the ranked ladder. However, calculating MMR manually is difficult and the league client won’t do it for your. You can use third-party tools instead.

There are two ways to test your MMR.

This LoL MMMR checker calculates how many league points you earn and lose in each ranked match. It will tell you if your gains are positive, negative, or good, and your mmr.
You can also manually do it. Look at your ranked division and the average division of your opponent’s opponents from your last 20 games!
To check your lol MMR you can also use a variety of tools, including the MMR checker

How to improve your MMR

Finally, we’ll tell you how to increase your MMR!

Start with the placement games. The first 10 ranked games that you play will determine your starting rank. You will also see a rise in MMR as you play more games. You will notice that you are not playing with players in the same division that you are placed in. This is because the ELO system recognizes you do not belong in the current skill level of players.

You can also play with Duo partners to ensure more wins and synergy. We encourage Duo boosting to increase your chances of winning up to 91%.

The simplest way to increase your Match Making rank is to win more than you lose. Because the system is primitive, it doesn’t consider what your score is – your kill participation and deaths, as well as your creep score, vision score or objective score. Honor is another game mode mmr. It doesn’t matter what you do.

Our service can help you get incredible MMR to get started or to climb to the rank that you desire. Get a boost now A high win rate smurf account can be a quick way to improve MMR.

You can improve your MMR by knowing which champs you should play and which champs you should abuse at this stage of the meta. This guide will give you all the information you need in each of the five roles.