Tricycle benefits for adults

Chris Horton
November 18, 2021 0 Comment

A three-wheeled bicycle is an option if a two-wheeled standard bike is not feasible due to stability issues or other limitations. You may find that cycling on a standard bike is difficult or unsafe due to age or illness. You and your fellow road users are at risk of falling, and it is impossible to get on or off your bike.


Tricycle benefits for adults

Tricycles are a great alternative. Tricycles have two wheels, one on each side. Van Raam makes tricycles for everyone. There are many options, including traditional tricycles as well as seat tricycles. Recumbent tricycles can be used to push a wheelchair. One person can ride the Van Raam tricycles.

What are the advantages of riding a tricycle?

  • A tricycle provides more stability than a two-wheeler.
  • Even if you ride slowly, you can’t (almost!) get out of balance while riding a tricycle.
  • When it is stationary, a tricycle won’t tip over.
  • You can quickly and efficiently get on and off 3 wheel bikes for seniors.
  • You don’t need to maintain your balance, a tricycle already has one.
  • You don’t have to get off if you are almost stationary. This allows you to cross the road safely and without needing to get off your bike.
  • You can be mobile for longer periods with a tricycle, shop independently, or take a ride on a bicycle and enjoy the freedom and weather.

What are the additional benefits of a Van Raam tricycle

  • The parking brake allows you to put your bike on the brake and move quickly without it rolling away.
  • On the Van Raam tricycles, a low entry is possible.
  • The Easy Rider tricycle is for adults and is very different from other tricycles. The unique frame allows for a lower entry and stable seating position. Your center of gravity is low so you can sit comfortably on a seat with a backrest and a steering wheel. This unique position allows for less strain on the neck, back, shoulders, wrists, and wrists. This tricycle is easy to ride and can be used by almost everyone.
  • You can comfortably ride the Easy Rider seat tricycle with a luxury seat and backrest.
  • Possibility of mounting a stick holder or walker holder bracket.
  • An auxiliary motor (an electric pedal assist) can be installed later on the Van Raam tricycle. This aid is extremely useful for crossing roads. Van Raam’s pedal assist allows you to also cycle backward and forwards.
  • You can select the preferred color for all Van Raam tricycles
  • All Van Raam tricycles are equipped with a variety of special options and accessories to make riding a tricycle easy. (coaster brakes, gears, and footrests; one-handed lock, blinker, shift lever, and special saddles. For all options, please refer to the options price list.
  • If you don’t have enough options/accessories, we will make your tricycle entirely custom at our Varsseveld factory.
  • You can choose the Easy Go Mobility Scooter by Van Raam. A mobility scooter and tricycle combined in one.
  • Van Raam also produces tricycles that are more accessible, including the Fun2Go, OPair, VeloPlus, and the three-wheel tandems Twinny Plus, and Kivo Plus.

Other benefits

A tricycle has many advantages over a two-wheeler. But there are also other benefits to cycling.

  • You can still move on a mobility scooter but you can also ride a tricycle.
  • Cycling is good for health, joints and improves your fitness. It also reduces stress.
  • It is more eco-friendly than driving and it’s a cheap way to get from A to B. It is a great way to travel.

Tricycles are a great option.

It can take some getting used to riding a tricycle, especially at the beginning. Each tricycle has a different cycling style. You should always test different models before you decide on the one that is right for you. You can make an appointment by calling Van Raam at our showroom at Varsseveld, or at a dealer in your region to test different tricycles.